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Magic Washing Machine - UK EXCLUSIVE

A great new version of this classic effect!

The magician realises that something is smelling, and after a while finds out that he has forgotten a pair of socks in his magic box. The one red, the other white and phew, they pong pretty badly! The only way to remedy this, is to wash the socks - so the magician brings out his portable washing machine.

The socks go into the washing machine, the child turns on the crank, "because there is no power". Turning the crank produces a rattling sound, then the child takes the socks out of the machine.

It turns out that the socks are completely RIPPED AND TORN, with GREAT BIG HOLES. Whoops.... probably turned the crank too long!

The decimated socks go back into the machine, again the crank is turned, this time in the other direction.

The socks are taken out of the washing machine - and have turned into a super-long striped socks a la Pippi Longstocking.

The long striped stocking goes back into the machine - another washing program is set, the crank turned back and forth.    

- and come out two baby socks - washed too hot - they've SHRUNK!

The baby socks are put back in the washing machine, all children say a spell, the crank is turned - and the socks come out of the machine - undamaged, the right size, freshly washed and wonderfully scented. The children are welcome to smell them!

With our model, you load the socks into the front of them machine, which looks absolutely natural.

After closing and opening the door, the switched socks are exactly where the other socks were placed before. An absolutely simple, clear and, above all, natural handling. You will be amazed by the technology!

The crank is easy to turn. It can easily be operated by even the smallest of children and produces a loud noise!

The machine is lightweight, yet stable and strongly constructed. The size is 35 x 28 x 14 cm or approximately 14 x 11 x 5.5 Inches

Of course you will also receive from us all the necessary, high quality socks... which don't really smell at all!

'The washing machine is just INCREDIBLE!' - Tim Sonefelt

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