Merry Switch Can

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Merry Switch Can - Richard Merry

Here’s a super ‘maid-of-all-work’ which will vanish, exchange, transform, make appear ANY item which will fit inside. You could use it for ‘Magic Welding’ where separate links of chain become joined together (or a necklace). We work the effect with Superhero Silk set: a black and white superhero is shown, printed on a silk handkerchief. This is placed in the can, the lid is replaced, and then colour is picked up by the performer’s paintbrush from the children’s clothing. Each new colour is popped into the can, and, when the lid is removed, there is the gorgeously coloured superhero - Captain Lightning! – and you can show the can is empty! All metal construction in bright red. Easy to work and deceptive even at close quarters.

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