Milk Pitcher



You’ve all heard of the prop, but how many actually use it? Well, you should – because it’s very, very good! Worried about liquids? We’ll give you a good tip at the end of this description.
The basic effect is that milk poured into a cone or a tube completely vanishes. The illusion is perfect! The model which we are offering is clear plastic, cut to look like crystal. (Size is approx. 9” high by 5” diameter at its widest.) You can watch some video demonstrations to give you ideas, but this prop is also perfect for any Baking a Cake routine, or for use with the Dove Pan or a Funny Funnel.

This is a beautifully made prop which is really versatile.
We can also provide substitute milk called Miracle Milk for use with the Milk Pitcher (see below), and for those who would like to present the routine shown in video demo Milk Pitcher 2 we can also supply the metal tube (see below).

You also ought to check out Silly Billy's great routine with the Milk Pitcher in his book 'Seriously Silly'.

**For those who like the idea of the Milk Pitcher, but who are worried about transporting liquids, here’s a neat but simple idea: carry the liquid in a screw top fizzy drink bottle. Load the liquid just before your show, and, at the end of the show, pour the used liquid back into the bottle, screw on the top and dispose of when you get home. Don’t let worry about liquids stop you from using this terrific prop!

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