Mirror Tube

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Mirror Tube - UK EXCLUSIVE

Here’s another superb utility prop, which is capable of being used in so many different ways: silks can be vanished or changed; it is the perfect prop for a Blendo effect or colour changes. The silks are not supplied with the Mirror Tube, but we have most silks in stock and can supply by return. Imagine tucking in four 18” silks, all different colours, and pulling out a 36” multicoloured silk. Or how about a trick for children: tucking in a blank silk and it emerging with a favourite cartoon character? Twentieth Century Silks is simple using this magnificent prop. There’s even a suggestion using sponge balls. The Mirror Tube looks every bit as good as the effects which can be achieved using it. Tough Perspex construction. Approx. 12” high and 3¼” diameter.

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