Birth of a Butterfly

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Birth of a Butterfly EXCLUSIVE

A beautiful new silk routine - with extras - from Practical Magic! Picking up a magnifying glass, you explain how useful this is for looking at very small a caterpillar! So saying, you peer at your hand and a caterpillar starts to appear. Only a picture, of course! You go on to say that the caterpillar spends all his time eating to make himself strong. One day, he starts to curl up like this (as you roll the silk) and then he hides somewhere safe and dark. (Here, you place him into your trusty Change Bag  - not supplied). Lots of time goes by, but we'll speed up things by magic. When the silk is taken out, it's now a beautiful, colourful butterfly! But again, it's only a picture. Do the children know how to make a butterfly. Hold your hands like this, cross your thumbs and wave your hands. But, if you were a magician, a butterfly would appear like this...and suddenly you have a butterfly in your hands!

With the extras we supply, this becomes more than just a silk trick. You get the magnifying glass, two silks (approx. 16.5" square - 42cms) and two colourful butterflies for the finale (one is a spare).

Brilliant, visual magic!

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