Monkey Nuts! Stage size

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Monkey Nuts! (stage version) – Ian Adair EXCLUSIVE

We have marketed a pocket sized version of this trick for about nine years, and we’ve been asked many times for a larger stage version.
Well, here it is and we’ve really pulled out all the stops with superb screen printing in bright colours. The trick takes the form of a game, where the children play ‘Find the Banana’! A card saying ‘Where’s the Banana?’ is placed on the table, and you now show the cards in your hand - four cheeky monkeys and a banana card, and the children do their best to keep track of the banana. Somehow, they never can find it, as all the cards are now monkeys! The banana has vanished! At the end, the tabled card is turned over to reveal the monkey with an empty banana skin! This is a fun-packed routine that keeps the children fully involved. Beautiful colour printing on heavy card stock.
It’s lightweight, takes up no room and is easy to perform. All in all…it’s a WINNER!
Cards are approximately 9” x 7½”.

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