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Monkey Puppet Routine – Ali Cardabra  EXCLUSIVE

It doesn’t matter how good your puppet is – if you haven’t got a routine then the puppet will simply sit in a cupboard. Good routines are hard to come by, and that’s where this Monkey Puppet Routine really scores: it’s entertaining; there’s no set-up; you can perform it anywhere; and there can be a different outcome every time.
Before we go on to the routine, let’s make a few points: 
· we tailor-make the clothes for the monkey, which is why he looks so appealing;
· the whole apparatus is lightweight;
· the routine is designed for walk-around, though it’s equally suitable for a party. In other words, it’s completely versatile;
· since first marketing the Monkey Routine in September 2006, we have had huge response from professional entertainers telling us how good it is.

Now let’s have a look at the routine itself.

To start the routine, there’s a warm-up designed to let the children participate, so you introduce the monkey…back to front! When you’ve sorted that out, the monkey says he’d like to show his new ribbon trick: while he’s not looking, one of the children will choose a coloured ribbon, then all the ribbons will be mixed in the bag yet the monkey will still find the chosen ribbon…by magic! Of course, the monkey tries to cheat and the children see him doing so. Eventually, one of the ribbons is chosen and all the ribbons are mixed up. The monkey tries to find the right ribbon, but he ends up nearly falling into the bag! Then he confesses that he’s not very good at magic. Some help is needed, so a child waves a magic wand…AND THE MONKEY EMERGES FROM THE BAG WITH THE RIGHT RIBBON! (You can repeat this a minute later and a different ribbon can be chosen.) 
The monkey is 12” (or 30cm - approximately).

This is a really well thought-out routine. As you know, you can have a great puppet, but it is the routine which makes the puppet come alive. We supply it complete with the monkey, the bag and all the ribbons (there are 6 of them), as well as the all-important routine.

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