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Monkey Silk set EXCLUSIVE

Some years ago, Laflin Magic in the USA had a set of silks called the Sad/Happy Clown Silk set. We sold these for many years and they were very popular. They have not been available for some time now, but we have now had printed our own version with a cheeky monkey!
A set consists of two 18” silks and a 6” silk. Let’s detail the three silks:
Silk 1 is an 18” b/w picture of a monkey.
Silk 2 is an 18” colourful picture of a monkey.
Silk 3 is a 6” solid brown silk.

Obviously, the set lends itself perfectly to a Magic Colouring routine: the b/w silk is dropped into a Change Bag along with several small coloured silks (and that’s where the 6” brown silk comes in!) and out comes a colourful picture. You don’t have to use a Change Bag. If you look at the video on our site, you’ll see a presentation using the Merry Switch Can (a can of ‘paint’).

Beautiful, bright colours. The pictures on these silks match perfectly with the puppet in our Monkey Puppet routine.
(If you need the 6” coloured silks as well, just let us know.)

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