Cresey Rainbow Mouth Coils

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Mouth Coils - David Cresey

You don't have to use your mouth! 

These are perfect for any party or Christmas festivity. Why? Because they look exactly like paper chain decorations! To perform this, you will need a few sheets of coloured tissue or crepe paper. You must include white as one of the colours, as this is the colour of the unopened coil. Ask the audience if they ever made paper chains in school. You are going to show them an easy and magical way to do it. The coil is held nearest the body, at the back of the pieces of paper. Start tearing the tissue paper, and pretend to lick the ends, explaining this is how the paper chains are formed. When you are ready, pop the coil in the mouth along with a couple of pieces of the tissue paper. Pause for a moment then start unravelling the coil. Alternatively, if you do not wish to use the mouth, tuck the coil and papers into your fist and magically produce the paper chain. You can watch a handling of this item on the Jozo Bozo Milking DVD.

12 in a pack 

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