Mouth Coils 2.0

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Mouth Coils 2.0 - Silly Billy UK EXCLUSIVE

Back in 2016, in a suite in Las Vegas, David Kaye told me he was going to re-invent the mouth coil. I laughed at the time, thinking it was just another on of his crazy ideas.... Jump forward to Blackpool 2018, and he showed my his Mouth Coil 2.0! 

WOW! No more fumbling for the end, the easy pull tab is RIGHT THERE!

YES! It's over three feet longer than a Cressy coil (approx 27 feet long)

AND... It starts white for 9 feet, then the next 18 are multi coloured. 

Remember, you don't have to pull them from your mouth. Tear up some white tissue, and pull the coil from your hand! Get the children to shout out colours, and suddenly the coil changes to a rainbow of hues!

Big enough to steal a load, or to use with  your magic painting or any effect using colours, you'll think of loads more uses for these great coils.

INTRODUCTORY PRICE £10.00 per pack of 12.


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