Mouth Coils 2.0

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Mouth Coils 2.0 - Silly Billy UK EXCLUSIVE

Back in 2016, in a suite in Las Vegas, David Kaye told me he was going to re-invent the mouth coil. I laughed at the time, thinking it was just another on of his crazy ideas.... Jump forward to Blackpool 2018, and he showed my his Mouth Coil 2.0! 

The only mouth coils with three new features that make it the best mouth coil available today.

1. The EZ Pull Tab

Mouth Coils 2.0 is the only mouth coil with the EZ Pull Tab. (See photo) These coils are ready to perform out of the box. No more need to wrestle with pulling the tiny paper out of the coil to get it ready. It’s ready to go now!

2. Colour Change Effect

Mouth Coils 2.0 is the only mouth coil with Colour Change Effect. Start by pulling a long streamer of white paper out of your mouth. Then suddenly the white streamer turns into rainbow colours! This Colour Change jump starts the attention of your audience and makes your routine stronger.

3. Longer, Yet Smaller!

Mouth Coils 2.0 is the longest 25-foot coil (That’s because it’s actually 27 feet long!) yet it is SMALLER than other brands. So it is easier to palm and it feels more comfortable in your mouth.

Big enough to steal a load, or to use with  your magic painting or any effect using colours, you'll think of loads more uses for these great coils.

Supplied in packs of 12.


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