Multiplying Bottles - Set of 6

Di Fatta


Multiplying Bottles - Set of 6

A glass and a bottle magically change places many times under the cover of two tubes. Then a glass of wine is also poured from a bottle, and now the bottle and full glass magically transpose! During this process, one after another, bottles magically and unexpectedly appear from the tubes, till a total of 6 bottles, are on the table!

One of the best sets on the market, at an affordable price! These bottles are manufactured from spun aluminium, and from inches away look exactly like the real thing. I always thought the 'Martini' style bottles looked awful, and this is why I've never wanted to stock this effect - until now!

Comes with full routine, six bottles (two nests of three) and two powder coated aluminium tubes. Provide your own wine glasses.

SPECIAL OFFER - for those of you who want a BIGGER finish, if you buy two sets of six bottles, get 10% off the full price!

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