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Mystery Box - Ian Adair

Really good utility props are hard to find - and this is one of the best! It's an innocent looking box which will switch or transform anything which will fit into it. You'll find it as useful as your Change Bag, and it doesn't look like a product from a bygone era!

  • Imagine wanting to reward a little girl helper. You open the box to show lots of flowers - all separate. The box is closed and your helper waves a wand. A moment later and the individual flowers have magically changed into a colourful garland which you give to her!
  • A packet of seeds is sprinkled into the box and turns magically into flowers!
  • Pour in milk, a spoonful of chocolate and a wrapper and they becomes a very tasty bar of chocolate!
  • Drop in letter-cards and a length of ribbon and you find you have a message strung out on the ribbon: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • Want to make a small present magically appear? You can do it with the Mystery Box!

Very versatile. Approximate sizes are 7" x 5" x 3" (18cms x 13cms x 7.5cms).

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