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New Style Magic Painting NOW A3 SIZE - Gary Mark  EXCLUSIVE

As seen on TV on The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Every once in a while, there comes along a new effect, or a variation of one, which really creates a stir. Our ‘New Style Magic Painting’ is one such prop. It was launched at the IBM Convention in Southport many years ago, and immediately sold out. It has been selling out ever since! Reviewed by Donald Bevan in ‘Abra’ 2701, it was described as ‘stunningly magical’ and ‘one of the bargains of the year’. Praise indeed, but when you see the item and handle it, you will realise that those words are no exaggeration.

Now A3 size!! Yes you can have your artwork customised, designed and just printed straight to A3 from an online printshop. No more awkward trimming, it goes STRAIGHT in the frame!!  These are perfect to give away at parties with all your advertising on, and in A3 Poster size too!!  

On a large easel, approximately 46cm x 35cm (18 x 14 inches) sits a clear frame, inside which is a black and white picture. The frame is picked up and shown front and back, and then replaced back outwards on the easel (“Because all magic happens in secret”). How the routine is developed is very much up to you, but there are plenty of other props in these pages which can be used in conjunction with the ‘Magic Painting’. Suffice it to say, the picture is ‘coloured’ by the children, and, when you slide it out of the frame, there is the picture, gorgeously coloured! The children can see through the frame, which is left on the easel.

This has been resized and revamped for the modern performer. No more holographic tape on the frame, it's just plain black, and stands out much more as you can see from the photograph. Use this with Len's Paint Pot, Vanishing Crayons, or just a colour changing silk streamer! Throw in a comedy wand and you have a feature routine for your show!



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