Peter Rabbit

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Peter Rabbit  
Four large (10" x 7" or 25 x 17.5cm) plastic cards are all you need for this fun-packed routine. The trick takes up no room, yet you will get five minutes of solid entertainment from this item. Two cards depict top hats; the third is a cheeky rabbit; and the fourth is a top hat out of which protrudes an enticing bunch of carrots. Peter Rabbit enjoys nothing so much as munching bunches of carrots. The children have to keep their eyes on the carrots, and on Peter Rabbit, because he is always hiding and trying to pinch the carrots! 
The carrot card is placed fairly and squarely to one side, and there is no doubt that it is the carrot card! Back outwards, it is in full view all the time. 
Now it is time for Peter Rabbit to start playing his tricks and hiding, which he does by turning round and hiding amongst the other cards. The children try to guess where he is, but they keep finding top hats. Eventually ONE card remains. The carrot card is checked and the hat is seen to be still full of carrots. You 'mix' up the final card, and congratulate the children on keeping such a close eye on Peter Rabbit, but when the card is turned round ... Peter has completely disappeared! The carrot card is checked, and there is Peter, munching the very last of the carrots!

Easy to perform, great fun for you and the children, and beautifully produced cards. This is a real winner! The cards are silk screened onto plastic for long life.

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