Princess and the Frog

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Princess and the Frog – Denis Shields EXCLUSIVE

Once in a while, you get a little gem of an item…and here it is! Perfect for close-up and perfect for children – though don’t limit it just to children. It uses cards – but it’s not a card trick! Of course, the video will tell the whole tale, but here’s a quick explanation.
You tell the story of a handsome prince and a beautiful princess who were deeply in love. Aaaaahh! But a wicked witch was jealous and turned them both into frogs. Here’s the prince, and you show a little frog figure. And here’s a picture of the princess. At this point, you show a card with another frog on it. Actually, you have lots of pictures of frogs and you’re not sure which is the princess – and nor is the prince! There’s only one way to find out: the prince will have to kiss all the frogs, because, as everyone knows, if the Prince kisses the right frog, she will turn back into a princess.
The prince kisses each picture in turn, but nothing happens…until! On one face down picture, the frog prince croaks and flashes a light! This must be the princess! It’s turned over – and it IS the princess!
But there’s another surprise in store – so watch the video and see the clever ending!

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