Pro-Show Microphone Clip

Gary James


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Pro-Show Microphone Clip - Gary James

Designed as a one size fits all unit. Fits all major brands of microphones (hand-held, radio and lead mics), this is the perfect solution for hands free mic operation.

  • Lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear, compact and easy to carry.
  • Each unit is professionally handcrafted.
  • Unique cushioned design helps eliminate noise.
  • Adjustable strap allow for comfortable fitting.

A Mic Clip that allows your hands to be totally free so that you can concentrate on performing your act. Nice quality too. Wayne Dobson

I carry a Gary James Pro-Show Mic Clip in each of my show cases. There's nothing like peace of mind for a working pro. Quentin Reynolds

I think it is a great little thing... It now sits safely in my prop case, It's a very neat, sweet solution. John Archer

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