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Robin Hood - EXCLUSIVE 


In this magnificent feature effect for children you have all the romance of the Robin Hood saga: the beautiful Maid Marion, the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham, imprisonment and escape, and good triumphing over evil at the end!                                                       

Add to all that humour and audience participation, not to mention superb props, and you’ll begin to realise that this trick is very special.

Resting on two smart wooden stands are pictures representing Nottingham Castle and a dungeon.  Now you introduce the characters: our Hero, Robin Hood (“Hooray!”); the Villain, the Sheriff of Nottingham(“Boo!”); and the beautiful, Maid Marion (“Ooooh!”).

Before the main routine you can have a lot of fun with the children, as Robin seems to keep disappearing from the pictures in your hand and always ends up somewhere else! This is simply by way of warming the children up and preparing them for the real magic which is about to happen.

The Sheriff of Nottingham is so fed up with Robin escaping all the time that eventually he captures him, and throws him into the deepest, darkest, dirtiest dungeon. (Robin is placed behind the prison card.) The heavy door is slammed shut and the big, rusty key is turned in the lock. But still the Sheriff is worried that Robin will escape, so he places two huge guards right outside the prison door. (There’s terrific scope for play acting here – all detailed in the routine – where you fetch up two children to act as guards and make them balloon swords) 

Meanwhile, the Sheriff is so worried that Maid Marion will try to help Robin escape that he drags her off to Nottingham Castle so that he can keep an eye on her. (The Sheriff and Maid Marion are both placed in the castle.) It’s time to check that the prisoner is still in the dungeon, so you question the two guards. No, they haven’t seen anyone. No, no one has escaped…but when the prison card is lifted, Robin has VANISHED!! Where can he be? Back you go to the castle, where we now find Robin and Maid Marion together, but there’s no sign of the Sheriff!! So where IS the Sheriff?? It’s time to question the guards again! No, no one has been past them, and there’s certainly been no sign of Robin Hood…but when the prison card is lifted, there is the Sheriff of Nottingham – stuck in his own prison!  Robin has succeeded again!!

Now for the details: you receive two wooden stands (approx. 11” x 9”), the beautifully silk-screened castle and prison cards (printed on Foamex for durability), and the picture cards (approx. 10” x 7” and silk-screened on tough plastic).

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