Run Rabbit Run

Future Magic



If you’ve always fancied a riot in your shows – look no further! Kids love it! Of course it’s well known – and the reason it’s well known is because it’s also very good! There are wooden versions and there are metal versions. This is neither. It is made of light-weight, durable Foamex (a sort of tough plastic) and is beautifully silk screened. For those of you who don’t know what the prop does: you show your rabbit, who likes to play Hide & Seek. You ask the children to keep an eye on him. You place him behind one of the doors, but when you’re not looking, he slips across to the other door! Bet your life that the children see him! Back and forth he goes, but you never manage to catch a glimpse of him. Finally, he disappears altogether, only to re-appear in your top pocket. Children’s effects don’t come better than this, and they don’t come better made.

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