Run, Run, Run!

Climax Magic


Run Run Run!

This is the classic effect of 'Run Rabbit, Run', with the advantage that the theme is COMPLETELY changeable to many different styles.

Choose from:

A Santa or Snowman Style for holiday shows
A young wizard (Larry Trotter) for a Harry Potter or Wizard and Witches theme show.
A Zombie theme for your halloween shows
A Pirate version.  Arrrrrrrr!
Finally there's a traditional Rabbit, or as a variation a great Cat version too.

Each expansion pack comes complete with four characters. Two regular ones, a sliding character which fits the the main prop and a pop-out character too. You'll also receive two themed doors, and a matching themed 'front', all of which just slot into place.

The prop is made completely from Foamex, which is light and strong, and means it won't chip or damage easily like wood. 

You can do all the regular moves, and switching versions for a different show takes just seconds!

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