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Shapet - Gustavo Raley & Agistin Viglione.

Gustavo Raley presents a fantastic close-up family effect!

You show different cards with pets on.  The spectator gets to choose one and the magician will try guess it by using a Crayola crayon!  Rubbing the wax crayon over the post-it note will cause an image of the pet that the spectator chose to appear! Finally, the magician shapes the crayon into the figure of the selected animal.

The trick includes everything ready to perform it.


  • Special dog gimmick
  • Crayon
  • Cards
  • Crayon rubbing dog gimmick
  • Video tutorial
An idea by Gustavo Raley & Agistin Viglione. Based on the idea "Twister" By Danny Weiser.

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