Silk to Rose

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Silk to Rose - Ali Bongo  EXCLUSIVE

You display a beautiful long-stemmed rose at your fingertips - beautiful, that is, except for the fact that there is no head on the flower! You lay down the rose stem and pick up an 18” red silk, which is displayed front and back. This is now tucked into your fist. A magic pass, and as you touch your hand to the top of the stem, a truly beautiful red rose appears! Instantly!

If you have seen one of Ali’s lectures, you will know what a charming effect this is. We have sold hundreds and hundreds of these since releasing it. There are NO complicated moves, but the effect looks like real magic. Ideal for a silent manipulative act, or use it in your children’s show. In fact, this is one of those effects which looks right anywhere. We supply all that you need, including the silk.

  • "Thank you very much for the Silk to Rose. As always, your service was exceptional. The trick is great (some really 'practical magic') and the prop is perfect." B.H. 

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