Silver Sceptre Deluxe

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Silver Sceptre Deluxe UK EXCLUSIVE

For some time we have felt that there was a need for a really top quality version of Silver Sceptre, which has to be one of the best effects for children. This does everything which the standard version does, but there are a few notable features: the holder is made of material, not plastic, so it flops beautifully (those who use the prop regularly will know what I mean!) Secondly, if the elastic breaks (and it is tough and should last for ages) the ends of the beads are left open so re-threading is an easy matter. One further point: some performers love the Sceptre because it looks different; others have children telling them that it doesn't look like a magic wand. If you wish, we can provide this with a black centre, so it is now a magic wand with silver tips (in other words, a Rising Wand). If you'd like this version, please choose Black with Silver Tips from the drop down menu.

The photo shows both versions so the choice is yours. Length is approx 17" (43cm.)

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