Sitta's Mis-Made Traffic Light Silks

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Sitta's Mis-Made Traffic Light Silk Set

The magician shows a silk with the design of a traffic light, but the three lights are missing. Question, “Who knows what this is? Right, it's a traffic light but... what's missing? Still right, the three important coloured lights that are in every traffic light are missing. What are the colours? You run through the colours one at a time with the kids shouting out and helping. The red, yellow and green silks are displayed one at a time.

Now we take all three colours and the traffic light and put them in this magic bag.” While stuffing the silks into the bag, the yellow silk (accidentally, but actually on purpose) falls to the floor. “A small magical gesture and the traffic light appears with all three colors in the right order: red, yellow and green! Wait a minute, what happened to the yellow light?” The children will start shouting to point out that you have dropped the yellow silk on the floor. You see it on the floor, you pick it up, and you put the yellow silk and the traffic light again in your bag. Again a magical gesture and you pull out the complete traffic light with its coloured lights, red, yellow and green!

• This is a high quality Sitta original item.
• This magical effect is great for any kid shows.
• It is a great routine to use in schools to entertain and communicate an educational message to children. You will be able to entertain your young spectators and teach them the meaning and importance of road safety.
• Supplied are three 50x26 cm silks representing a traffic light (one without any coloured light, one with only two lights and one complete with three coloured lights), plus three small 20x20 cm silks, one red, one yellow and one green.

The change bag is not supplied, but you can purchase it separately.

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