Skip 'n' Snip

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Skip 'n' Snip - Colin Daines  PRACTICAL MAGIC EXCLUSIVE

How many of your tricks actually make the people go “Wow!”? Well, if you haven’t added this trick to your repertoire, perhaps you should, because it really does have the WOW factor! Time and again we have received praise for this trick from satisfied customers because the effect is staggering: a skipping rope is cleanly cut in two and just as cleanly restored.
You even SEE the knots fly off! All we can say is, if you saw this demonstrated, you would immediately buy it. Please take our word for it, that this is one of the most magical effects in our on line catalogue. What is more, it’s easy to perform and you are left entirely clean at the end of the routine.
A complete sell-out on the first day when we lectured in the U.S.

Online tuition now included! Comes complete with 10 meters of standard white rope.

“Using the Skipping Rope every day in the act. Excellent magic and you can quote me on that!” D.F. (Stoke-on-Trent)

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