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Spirit Ring – Terry Parrett EXCLUSIVE

"This trick is mind-blowing!" Steve Sausage

This routine is ideal for Halloween, or any occasion where you can indulge in ‘mood setting’ to create a spooky atmosphere. Terry intended this for the ‘tween’ market: that is, older children in the ten to fifteen age range, and, undoubtedly, it works beautifully with this age group. However, there is no reason why the routine would not work just as effectively with older age groups (including adult).

Here, then, is what happens: you tell a story about the occult and about a ring which is able to read thoughts from ‘the other side’. A volunteer reverses an unknown card in a pack. A second volunteer wears the ring and is blindfolded. She is then given a pad and a pen and asked to let herself be guided by the spirits. Eventually, she writes something. When the writing and the card are compared, they match. The volunteer is not primed in ANY way.

Comes complete with a hallmarked silver ring, a box to carry it in (a nicely spooky little coffin!), cards and blindfold. In an email to me, Terry wrote: "I performed this routine last Friday night at a 15th birthday party, and the volunteer screamed and fell out of her chair at the revelation. Cool!"
This is a FEATURE effect.

"The Spirit Ring is a clever idea and will be in my show for older kids and even adults." LG (Australia)

"A terrific and really spooky bit of business. I don't normally perform story telling tricks, but this one really fries them!" Gary Dunn

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