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A great piece of comedy magic with the simplest of props! Show a white handkerchief and a red handkerchief. In time-honoured fashion, announce they are going to change places magically. Peer into your bag and announce that they have done so. Now the difficult part: they are going to change back again! Stand there triumphantly as the kids organise a lynch mob. Offer to repeat the trick, but, this time, you’ll show them the handkerchiefs – which, of course, you do: here’s the red handkerchief which was white, and here’s the white handkerchief which was red.
There should be a merry riot going on by now! Perhaps it would be better if the hankies were spotted. Drop some red/white counters (supplied with the trick) into the bag, along with the hankies.  Shake the bag vigorously and remove the first hankie – the red one and announce that it is spotted. You will be quickly corrected.Point out that it’s a red hanky with red spots, and do the same with the white!
When it’s obvious that you’re not going to be able to buy off the little monsters, call up an assistant to help you.
Back go the hankies into the bag, the bag is shaken, your assistant wields a wand…and out come spotted hankies!!

We provide you with 4 x 18” silks – one red, one white and two spotted hankies, plus 20 red and white plastic counters. Use any Change Bag.

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