New Squeaky Saltshaker Deluxe

China Magic


New Squeaky Saltshaker DELUXE EXTRA LOUD

Available again in a new, improved version. With new dimensions of 4 cm in diameter and 10 cm in height, this squeaky shaker is big enough to be seen everywhere, but small enough to carry comfortably in your pocket! The gag for children and adult programs. Whenever you want to succeed with the help of magic 'Woofle Dust', bring out your shaker, which is harmless to look at. If you shake it, you will hear a loud, squeaking noise so that the trick really works. Always a laugh and good reason to go to your pocket or table to ditch!

The advantages of this new design:

Sound mechanics are custom engineered in Germany. extra precise, therefore extra loud.

Familiar, visual shape with an elegant stainless steel cap.

More robust round glass body with thick walls - easily withstands the everyday use of magicians

The shaker is not painted white on the inside to simulate the white salt, no flaking of paint, which makes the shaker immediately unusable...

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