Stratosphere Deluxe

Future Magic


Stratosphere - the Traffic Light Trick. we have the UK EXCLUSIVE of this version!

This is a classic of children's magic - and rightly so, because it is baffling and fun, but, if you want it to be, it's also educational. You place the coloured balls into a clear tube which has been covered by a red tube. the balls are placed in as they would appear on a set of traffic lights: green at the bottom, then yellow, then red at the top. The trouble is, the red ball never stays put and is always jumping position in the tube! Eventually, you get so frustrated, you wrap up the red ball and give it to a child to hold BUT when you raise the red cover to check, the red ball is back and in the right place!

So what is the child holding? She unwraps it and is holding an apple or an orange!

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