Supersoft Neon Rope

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Supersoft Neon Rope

This core-less super soft rope for magic is unique and beautiful to use. Each rope has been woven under the instructions and strict supervision of magicians so that its characteristics are ideal for performing.

What makes this rope so special is its soft, incredible flexibility, and graceful drape.

It has been dyed with a a UV reactive colour. This means it will appear very vivid under natural light, but under UV light is will glow brightly!

This new rope are made with the latest generation fibre, a synthetic cotton that you will not be able to differentiate from natural cotton to the touch or sight, with the advantage that it offers greater vividness in the colours. As it is a synthetic material, you can easily seal its ends with the heat of a flame.

We are very proud of this rope and that is why we can confidently say that this is the best rope for magic in the world!

Rope diameter is 14mm approximately (0.5 inches)

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