My Candies - Sweet Prediction 2.0



My Candies - Sweet Prediction 2.0 - Adrian Carratala

This Sweet Prediction is a fresh, fun and direct mentalism routine.  Enter the stage with a jar full of coloured jelly beans... Spectators will be able to guess exactly how many beans are in the jar. 


  • The jar is always in sight, no one approaches it and nothing enters or leaves it.
  • Spectators have TOTAL freedom to choose whatever numbers they want.
  • The number is generated in real time and they can change their mind.
  • The number that they have created together appears on a folded piece of paper inside the jar
  • The number may be printed in block letters, or as handwritten with a marker pen. 


Present this routine on stage for adults, for older children or even through Zoom! 

The entire audience participates from their seats, without the need to touch the objects and the effect is so powerful and clean that it can close your show!

 And best of all: It is very easy to do! The set includes everything you need so you can start presenting it as soon as you receive the package and an in depth and easy to follow explanatory video in Spanish with English subtitles.

 I know what you are thinking: do you need an assistant?... Well, if you have one, they can give you a hand during the routine, but if you don't, you can also present it on your own, without help. The routine is exactly the same: do it with or without an assistant. It all depends on how you prefer presenting.

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