Swirly Pop!

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Swirly Pop! - A Practical Magic Exclusive!

Great to use as a tag on to an existing routine, where you need to give out a prize or perfect as a stand alone routine!

Show a gift bag with four lollipops inside, get the kids to shout the flavours. There's Strawberry, Lime, Blackcurrant and Banana. The lollies are placed in the bag and it's shaken to mix them up.  Four cards are shown with pictures of the same lollies.

Your helper is instructed that if they choose a card, and then pick the same lolly from the bag without peeking, they can KEEP the lolly as a prize!

You demonstrate by matching a card with a lolly, and now it's your helper's turn.  First a card is chosen, but when it's shown to the audience, it's a totally different swirly lollipop with all the flavours mixed!! There's no way it's gonna match a lolly from the bag unless a little magic is used! 

Abracadabra!! When the child reaches into the bag, all the remaining lollies have blended into one giant Swirly Lolly. What's more, it MATCHES the picture on the card. Your helper WINS the lolly after all!!

Comes complete with special lollipop, cards, gift bag and even a swirly lollipop to get you started.  We will also supply you with a website where lollies can be bought in bulk at a great price. It's a fantastic giveaway for all your shows!

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