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Switcho Box - Robert Harbin 

Robert Harbin was a magical genius, whose name still commands instant respect. Probably best known for the Zig-Zag illusion, his output was prolific and he passed on hundreds of ideas in the pages of ‘Abra’, as well as in his many books. The Switcho Box is a perfect example of his simple, yet baffling, magic. It is a utility device for vanishing, appearing or restoring items. Use it in your children’s shows as a variation on the Change Bag. The box is 4” square and about 5.5” high. The Switcho Box not only looks good, but can be used in countless ways. An indispensable prop! 


Fantastic for use in the routine where the Dog Arm Puppet eats silk handkerchiefs and they reappear in the box. See The Magic of Puppets DVDbelow.


NB Silks are for illustration only.

If you have our effect 'Can of Worms' this is the same box.

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