Table Pocket

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Table Pocket

Here is a very useful accessory for any type of performance!

A practical holder to hang on your case table. It can be used in two ways:
- as a 'dump bag', that is, to quickly put away your apparatus once used (so as not to create confusion in your case);
- as a "separator", i.e. to divide the apparatus before the performance. You can put a part of it in the bag and leave another in the briefcase (so you will not have everything piled up and you can find a specific item more easily and quickly when you need it).

• The bag is made in aluminium and a plastic backed canvas fabric.
• Attaches to your case with hooks and flattens out for convenient transport. (Can be rear or side mounted as required)


Bag is 37 x 20 x 37cm (L x W x D) or 15 x 8 x 15"

The hooks are 23cm or 9" apart.

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