The Animals of Meadow Farm

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The Animals of Meadow Farm - Fred Wiles  EXCLUSIVE

It's back again! Off the market for a few years, but we’ve now re-made it, and we think it’s better than ever!

How do you fancy a good ten minutes of fun with flat-pack props? How about having six children on stage, and every other child occupied and involved as well? How do you fancy a routine with lots of fun and laughter?

The Animals of Meadow Farm has it all! And there’s nothing to learn! Just read this: explain that you’re going to read a story about some animals and the farm they live on. “Here’s the story,”  – and you show the children the printed tale.

Now you invite up six children and explain that each child is going to play the part of an animal: there’s a cow, a dog, a cat, a pig, a donkey and an owl. You explain that every time you mention an animal in the story, the child holding that card has to hold it up – but all the other children have to make the right noise!

“Are we all ready?” and off you go with the story. To help you, every time an animal is mentioned in the story, it’s printed in bold. The story starts quite gently for the children’s benefit, but it gets faster and faster, with more and more noise and cards whizzing up and down!

At one point in the story, a rabbit makes an appearance; at least, the children see him, but you never do! First he peeps over the top of the book, then out at the side. He even appears upside down at the bottom!

At the end of the story, there's a really eye-catching moment when you ask the six children on stage to turn over their cards, which then spell The End!

The cards are screen-printed on plastic for hard wear and easy cleaning and are approx.  11.5” x 8” (30 x 21 cm) and the folder is 13” x 10.5” 33 x 26 cm).

A GREAT routine and now made better than ever! Keep it in your case where it takes up no room, and you’ll never be caught out when you need a stage-filling ten minute routine. That’s The Animals of Meadow Farm

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