The Cataclysmic Card Set

Jozo Bozo


The Cataclysmic Card Set - Jozo Bozo  UK EXCLUSIVE


These are BEAUTIFULLY produced by friend of Practical Magic - Jozo Bozo!

Printed on card stock with rounded corners, these cards are 'parlour size' for use with larger audiences. 

You receive FOUR decks which will make when assembled TWO different Svengali decks (22 different cards + 22 bears/Rubik's cubes) 44 cards is a good number for handling since cards ARE bigger 52 would be a problem.

So one Svengali is a teddy bear force and another with a Rubik's cube for older kids (7 and up). Furthermore you will get multiple combination of packet tricks mostly based on COLOUR monte principle (if you are not familiar check it online).  You will get a diagonally printed card for a card change routine and two different versions of colour force which I primarily use in my Santa Knows routine but this can be customised to a routine that works year round. These routines are tested and get fantastic reaction from kids AND adults as well!

Cards are approximately 12cm x 8cm

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