The Janus Bag

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The Janus Bag - Gary Dunn EXCLUSIVE

The Roman god Janus looked forward and back, which is where we get the word January from: looking forward to the new year and back to the old year-which is why he's shown as having two faces.
See, you get education on here!
Now let's apply that principle to a magic bag and you get...The Janus Bag! Two faced, very deceptive and VERY useful!

  • Tuck a few silks into a bag and you can see them through the net front, but, pulled out a moment later, and they have become a large multicoloured silk!
  • Or a blank silk changes to a picture!
  • Use it as a force bag! You can show it empty, have the audience fill it with slips, then force the outcome from a "free choice" of the slips.
  • Change a Jumbo card!

This is a really versatile prop, sturdily made in black material with a net front. 


'The BEST change bag I've EVER used!' Mike Bent

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