The Light/Heavy Chest

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The Light/Heavy Chest

With this box you can force even the strongest man to his knees! 

A spectator is invited to the front to participate in a small experiment. On your table is a 20x20 cm Wooden box. Your volunteer should be able to lift the box, which is quite easy and light. 

Now comes the amazing part! A silk cloth is placed in the box and you claim that it is now so heavy that it can not be lifted!
The spectator will grin - and then try to pick up the box. As much they tug and strain  it will not be possible for them to lift the box even an inch!

Once you take the cloth out of the box, it becomes light again as at the beginning. 
Great to work with two spectators: One can lift the box without any problems, while the other is absolutely unable to do so. 

No hooks or tabs on the table, no humming electromagnets, no tricked substructures. You simply put a cloth (at least 60 x 60 cm - supply your own) inside the box, and it becomes as heavy as lead.

Can be presented humorous or mentally and fits in any program!

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