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The RED Trick - PEKI

"Do you have still a board at school for writing on? 
"Do you know - I told my teacher at school: I can write - with white chalk - every single colour. What colour shall we choose? OK, let's write red." The magician pulls out a school board, on which the word "RED" is written in white chalk paint. After laughter from the children the magician says: "That's what my teacher also said. So we need a magic word. " The children choose, for example, Simsalabim. The magician puts the panel behind his back, all the children call Simsalabim - and when the panel comes out again, the word RED is written in bright red!

"That's great, we'll do the same again." Again, the panel goes behind the back, again all children shout the magic word. And when the board is shown again, RED is written in white!

It won't take long for the children to shout, “Turn it round!” The magician turns around, but he but holds the board in the same direction to the children. Eventually the children call, "Turn the board round". The magician turns it around so that the writing now is turned upside down.
Then the children say they want to see the back. "NO!" The magician explains: "That, unfortunately, is not possible. Because on the back, I have a drawing of my teacher. And if she sees that ...!" Eventually the children persuade the magician and he shows the funnny picture of his teacher!

5 minutes great fun for the kids with lots of participation, but very little to carry. Board size approx: 6½" x 9" or 16 x 23 cms). Board is made of long life plastic.

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