Three Little Pigs

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Three Little Pigs - Edwin Hooper EXCLUSIVE

This wonderful trick first saw the light of day when Edwin (who went on to found The Supreme Magic Company) was working for the legendary magic dealer, Jack Hughes, and we are grateful to Derek Lever for his permission in allowing this re-make.

Whilst the handling is the same as Edwin's original, we have re-designed almost all aspects of the trick. The stand comes in two parts for easy packing; all the artwork has been redrawn; the finish of all the woodwork is now a smart white. Although this is a hugely visual item, it folds down to almost nothing for carrying.

Three Little Pigs is a trick which has everything for the entertainment of children - colourful props, audience participation, a story that they know and a logical and amusing climax. The mechanics of the trick are so easy. The magician tells a story of the three little pigs, showing each of the pigs in turn, magnificently silk-screened onto large cards. The other character in the story is also shown - the Big Bad Wolf, together with the house of bricks. As the story is told, the Big Bad Wolf card is placed on the centre of a stand, decorated like a brick wall. A little pig is placed on each side of him. The other pig goes into the house of bricks which is previously shown empty. The Wolf tries to catch the little pigs but they manage to outsmart him. Finally a big surprise, when on the stand are the three little pigs! The Big Bad Wolf has vanished! Where is he? The answer is soon evident. When the house is opened up, there is the Big Bad Wolf, stewing in a bit vat of soup! 

The size of the assembled house is approx. 12" x 9" (30 x 22cms) and the cards are 10" x 7" (26 x 18cms). Stand and house are made from wood and the cards are vibrantly silk screened.

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