Tipsy Wand

Future Magic



Please note that the sound effects heard in the video were added for comic emphasis. They do not form part of the Tipsy Wand.

Your audiences are going to love this! An outsize wand, which behaves extremely badly - BUT YOU NEVER SEE IT! Of course, the children do, and waste no time in telling you. First one end droops down, and, when the children draw your attention to this, it rights itself and the OTHER end droops! Children’s entertainers will not need telling the fun you can get out of this superb comedy prop. This beautiful wand is 16” long and big enough to be seen on all occasions.

Wand tricks are always popular - and this is one of the most popular of all comedy wands. It takes up no room and is always ready for a spot of comedy. Use it as a normal wand, but, at any time, you can make it start misbehaving. (This is one of the items performed by Terry Herbert on our DVD ‘Magic for Under 5s’.)

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