Too Many Hats

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Too Many Hats - Practical Magic EXCLUSIVE

A fabulous card trick for children! One…two…three times a rabbit disappears, each time leaving you with TOO MANY HATS! Each time you throw away a hat and pick up another rabbit, and each time you’re left with TOO MANY HATS!

See how they run!

At the end, you have 4 hats in your hands and not a rabbit in sight! But what’s this? On my back? There on your back are the 3 missing rabbits!

(If your working conditions are unsuitable for card on back, a simple solution is also included.)

Jumbo-sized cards, digitally printed on hard wearing plastic.

**Comes with a DVD showing the performance, followed by the very simple handling. No Elmsley Counts – the moves are utterly simple but eye-popping! 3 vanishes using 3 separate methods!

Our grateful thanks to Quentin Reynolds for his input into this trick.

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