Twentieth Century Silks

Di Fatta


Twentieth Century Silks - 18"

The magician displays two solid colour silks and ties them together. These are placed into a glass, or just left on the table.

Now a differently coloured silk is shown and then vanished. (You could use a Rabbotine, a Drawer Box or whatever.)

Picking up the two tied silks, the magician spreads them between his outstretched hands and shows that the vanished silk has tied itself between the two solid coloured silks!

This is the gimmicked 'bag' version of this effect, but made in the best quality silk. Cheap versions of this stitch a single 18" silk to make a diagonal bag, however THIS set uses two full 18" silks to hide a separate bag inside. This is the set I've used in my act for the last 20 years or so, and it's just superb quality.

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