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Two-Headed Prediction - Christopher T Magician

Friend of Practical Magic, and kid-show genius, Christopher T. Magician presents a hilarious routine that you can add straight into your children's show. The effect begins with a wacky, rigged game show style routine where adults are asked to make the animal sounds of whatever animal you choose from a deck of animal cards. Then, kids are asked to do the same. But the adults are given only animals with weird sounds or no sounds at all--it makes for a RIDICULOUS back and forth, full of laughter and interaction and comedy.

Then, two cards are chosen in the hopes that they match perfectly... but one card is show to be a giraffe and the other one is shown to be a zebra. But wait! Your prediction... is a two-headed stuffed animal with one head of a zebra and one head of a giraffe... PERFECT! For the hilarious ending, you then remove a second prediction: the butts of both animals!

This routine is zany and cute and FULL of audience participation.

"Two-Headed Prediction" comes with everything you need to perform, including:

  • A two-headed Zebra/Giraffe that stands 10" high
  • A hilarious double-butt Zebra/Giraffe that stands 4" high
  • A set of custom-illustrated animal cards
  • 15-minute instruction video by Christopher T. Magician
  • Chris's original routine
The routine runs more than five minutes and is entirely easy to perform. It plays big and packs small. And most importantly, it's different to any other children's routine on the market today. 

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