Uncle Charlie's Night Cap

Sean Taylor


Uncle Charlie's Night Cap - Sean Taylor - UK EXCLUSIVE

Supreme Magic produced an effect called Uncle Henry's Nightcap and from that basic concept, comes this hilarious routine. The nightcap is hand produced and is a high quality knitted woollen hat which is actually an egg bag. Whilst you can use an egg and perform the classic egg bag routine, Sean has a routine using ping pong balls which he has used to open his kid's show for over 25 years. 
This prop comes with a link to a full online tutorial. The full routine as taught requires something to vanish the ping pong ball. Sean uses a Miller Hankie to effect the vanish but you could use a devil's hank, a change bag or even simple sleight of hand. This is a 6 minute performance and you will see the reactions Sean gets with this simple prop. The routine is almost self working. 

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