When To Say No

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When To Say No – Trelba (Albert Shilcock) EXCLUSIVE

Here’s a picture of Sammy and one day he was playing outside when a stranger came along and asked him if he’d like to play with a kite in the park. Here’s a picture of the kite. And here’s a picture of the stranger. Now we all know what Sammy should have said but instead of that he said, “I’d love to come to the park and play with the kite.” Of course, he should’ve said NO.
Three children forget the lessons they have learned and fail to say no to strangers. This puts them in immediate danger but, with the help of some magic, all turns out well and the strangers end up where they deserve.
This is a really powerful piece of magic, as well as an important reminder for children, and is designed specifically for those entertainers who work safety shows in schools and elsewhere. The nine cards are beautifully silk-screened in full colour (approx. 9” x 7”) and the package comes complete with three lightweight folding stands. Easy to perform. You convey a necessary warning in a most entertaining way.

"By the way I think that 'When To Say No!' is superb." Steve Crystal

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