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Witch Switch – Ali Bongo EXCLUSIVE

Trust Ali to come up with something so practical and simple, yet baffling as well! Of course, with the current interest in a certain boy wizard, then the hat no longer belongs to a witch but to a wizard. You show a small wizard’s hat (approximately 8½” high) with white stars on a black background. The hat is covered with a cloth (use any), a magic wand is waved, and, lo and behold! when you remove the cloth, the hat has changed to a white hat with black stars! Now you can keep this up reasonably indefinitely, but, somewhere along the line, you are going to be accused of being a twister – in more senses than one, because all you are doing is turning the hat around! You state that you wouldn’t dream of cheating, so you dispense with the cloth and show the black and white hat, but still your audience want to see the other side, so, after performing all the time-honoured gags (which are in the instructions) you show the other side, and it’s RED and YELLOW STRIPES!! It’s a terrific, flat-pack routine.

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