Zig-Zag Rocky Raccoon

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Zig-Zag Rocky Raccoon

Rocky the Raccoon, is the magician's favourite animal and is found in almost every magician's home. Rocky gets up to the maddest things, eats out of your hand, climbs up your arm, is lively and cheeky .... audience's love him!

But wait, now Rocky now performs illusions too!!

You show a cabinet in which you put Rocky, tail first. Rocky completely fills the cabinet, and to make sure it doesn't get too cramped for him, you open a small door to allow his tail to hang out. You close the lid and Rocky peers out mischievously at the audience. Then you thrust two wide stainless steel blades through the cabinet which cut the poor Rocky into three! 

As if that isn't enough: You push the centre of the cabinet almost completely to one side! A large hole gapes where Rocky's body should actually be!!! A curious situation, which you allow the spectators to view from all sides, even close-up!
Can that be true? Never again will the little raccoon climb up your arm, eat from your hand, or perform card tricks??? 

You push the cabinet back together, pull out the blades and release Rocky from his prison, in one piece. And what does the cheeky fellow do? He climbs up your arm, eats out of your hand, and behaves as though nothing has happened.

Wonderfully made, finished in black and red, solid stainless steel blades, and functions perfectly.

(Rocky Raccoon not included)

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