Skeleton in the Cupboard

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Skeleton in the Cupboard
A beautifully made prop which works on the old tower and cubes principle: cubes dropped into a tower in a certain order come out in a completely different order in a bewildering series of moves!
The story that you tell to illustrate this mystery will depend very much on the audience you are performing for. As this item would be less than suitable for very young children, we’ll assume that you are performing for older children. That being the case, you could introduce an Indiana Jones theme, where the skeleton has been found belonging to an archaeologist, but that some sort of curse has been placed upon it. The gist of the story is that, no matter how carefully the skeleton is assembled, when the cover is removed, the skeleton is wrongly assembled, and yet there is no room for the sections of the body to move past each other. Finally, the head is removed, but suddenly disappears, and, when the cover is removed from the skeleton, there it is on top of the body, and the skeleton is perfectly assembled.
Maybe there was something in the curse, after all!
Of course, the nature of the props is such that this effect would fit in perfectly with Halloween. The quality of this prop is superb!
Overall height: approx. 17" (43cms)

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