Fantasy Crystal Blendo

Fantasy Crystal Blendo – Pavel and Pat Fallon EXCLUSIVE

This really is the KING of Blendos! It will appeal to the silk worker, stage performer AND the children’s performer (Pat has written a beautiful routine for children). All the props are housed in a lightly stained wooden box with brass fittings (approx. 7” x 9” x 6”). In essence, four 18" silks are tucked into a piece of Perspex tubing, and, when you blow through the tubing, out flies a 36" multicoloured silk! Silk and tubing can be handed out, if desired.
You will LOVE the clever thinking and simple handling! Comes complete and ready to work. This trick has everything: a great story, colourful, visual props and a baffling mystery. It is featured on the Pat Fallon DVD – Magic For Older Children, where it appears as A Gift For My Grandmother. Briefly, you explain that you wanted to buy your Gran a present. You go to a shop and look at the headscarves. The assistant explains that today is Sale Day: buy any two and get two free! Not only that, the scarves will be displayed in a presentation clear tube AND gift-wrapped! Just how the scarves magically transform into a huge multicoloured silk is all explained in Pat’s enchanting story.

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