Flash Appearing Birthday Banner

Tommy James


Flash Appearing Birthday Banner - Tommy James

The Magician shows two 18" silks, a red and a blue.

"Boys and girls, the magic words for today will not be the regular magic words like Abracadabra or Hocus Pocus, not even Alakazam! I am going to spell out the magic words using these two handkerchiefs."

"A YELLOW one [the magician holds up the blue] and a GREEN one! [hold up the red]"

The kids will quickly tell you that you got the colours wrong! "Oh I'm sorry, a GREEN one [hold up the blue] and a YELLOW one! [Hold up the red]" The kids will let you know they are red and blue. "Oh I'm terribly sorry. A BLUE one [hold up the red]and a RED one! [hold up the blue]"

The kids will be SCREAMING that you are wrong again!

Finally hold up the red one and say, "THIS one is red?" [Kids will shout YES!] Hold up the blue one and say, "What colour is THIS one?" (Kids will shout blue, but you pretend they just booed you.)

"Hey! That was rude! Oh! BLUE!!! Yes of course! I thought you booed me! Now I will tie these two handkerchiefs into a knot."

Finish tying the two silks together then put the ends into your coat pocket, a glass or if you're like Tommy James . . . your mouth! Then quickly pull the silks apart and a colourful banner 30" long by 8" high appears between the two silks that says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

"The magic words for the show are Happy Birthday [insert child's name] !"

Use the magic words throughout the show and score some brownie points with the Mum and Dad (and hopefully a nice tip)!

Includes two-18" silks (Red and Blue) and the HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner 30" long by 8" high.

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